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72 minute documentary

Bush League is a character driven ethnographic survey of a tiny village in Northern Malawi. Intimate dramas unfold in the lives of four villagers who are all members of the local soccer team. Chatwa, the team captain, is an ambitious farmer who’s in deep with the local bank but torrential rains are destroying his crops. Jake, an American Peace Corps volunteer who sponsors the team, is pushed to his limits when the politics of the game affect his school construction project. Jacqueline, the head cheerleader, suspects her husband is cheating on her and is concerned he’ll give her HIV. Mlawa is a midfielder and an expectant father who’s gravely concerned about the infection growing on his leg. Each must face their individual challenges as the team battles to win the local championship.. For more information about the survey of rural Malawians presented at the end of the film - watch an interview with Dr. Kim Yi Dionne: Visit her website: Vancouver Int Film Fest New Jersey Int Film Fest (Winner Best Feature Documentary) Columbia Gorge Int Film Fest The Third Goal Film Fest Rutgers University Special Event Screening Bush League is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0) license - for more details please visit


10 min

Indentured investigates the living conditions of South Asian laborers working on U.S. military bases in Iraq. Testimonials are presented along side the U.S. government’s guidelines to define human trafficking, which suggest that large-scale labor abuses are happening inside U.S. bases in Iraq. Public and Festival screenings: United Nations Film Festival, Stanford University House Armed Services Committee, House of Representatives, Washington D.C. San Sebastian Human Rights Film Fest, San Sebastian, Spain U.S. Pentagon, Trafficking in Persons Workshop, Washington D.C. Unspoken Human Rights Film Fest, Utica, NY Observer Research Foundation, Labor Trafficking Conference, Mumbai, India Human Rights International Film Fest, Mexico City, Mexico

Free Market Space

The moon gets an upgrade when the entire solar system is turned into a free market zone. This is an homage to Travis Wilkerson's amazing short film Pluto Declaration:


The Orphans

A letter arrives from Germany; Mindaugas has died. To fulfill his last requests Ervinas and Romas travel across E. Europe from Lithuania to Berlin on a quest to pay their respects. In Berlin they investigate the Berlin wall, meet a belly dancer and survey the staggering modernity of the West. As their search for the grave becomes futile, old secrets emerge that reveal the truth about their motivations and relationship with Mindaugas.


Museum of Modern Art, NYC
Centre Pompidou, Paris
Los Angeles Int. Film Fest.
Calgary Int. Film Fest
Munich Int. Student Film Fest
Viennale Film Fest, Vienna
Skalvija Theater, Vilnius, Lithuania


The Troubles in Zolokere

A first person glimpse of the HIV/AIDS crisis in a small village in Malawi. 22min 2006