Halls of Government

We've got the cameras, the tape, some of the locations, casting starts next week, the script is almost done, producers, props, housing for cast and crew, sound personal, camera assistants, make-up artist, gun handler, the camera man, editing equipment, costumes and extras. What's left to secure is a big church, a big truck, an old car, a wagon, a country house, a potato cellar, enough food to feed 15 people three times a day for over two weeks and a bus of some sort to move them around in. Madness! If we pull this off its gonna be amazing, especially with the money I have. But I have to pull it off, so I guess I have something to look forward to. I told Greta the producer exactly how much money I had for the film and she didn't look enthused. Especially after I talked for ten minutes about how I didn't want the crew to have to eat bread and water for two weeks. In the meantime, things are cooking without my help. One of the members of the Lithuanian parliament heard about the project and I had lunch with him today. The translation of the script will be finished tomorrow, so I'll forward it to him, and if he likes it, I can attach his name to the project. He's an expert on the topic. I guess he wrote a book about it. I have no idea if it'll really help, but why not. Tomorrow I go up to Kupiskis to meet with the mayor. He could make or break the whole thing, we'll see.

After lunch I met another parliament member who's convinced the Pentagon wasn't hit by an aircraft on Sept 11. He says it was a missile or a truck full of explosives. His opionon was based on internet photos. Makes me wonder where the leaders in my country are getting their info?