Rome Drops the News I shot the hotel room scenes over the weekend and I'm relieved to have it done. Without Dave's help its much more difficult. Last night at three in the morning I woke up and realized that part of Ervynis' dialog is all wrong and should have been adjusted. Its too much for one person with the performance, story and all the tech crap, but I think I managed.

The scenes span the three nights the characters are in Berlin. The first and second night Ervynas invites a dancer to the room. It worked out alright, but it is a very strange thing to try and get a belly dancer to actually come to your house to shoot. How do you explain with a thick accent what your doing. She was really adament that she wouldn't do it, and in my explanation it was tough to make it clear and sound safe without saying things like "two old men", "hotel room" even saying the word "film" in that context comes off sleazy. In the end she brought her Mom along and she sat in the living room reading a Russian novel while we shot.

Ervynas the over aggressive was all over her Mom when it was time to say goodbye. I was trying to collect all the junk in my room, put away the camera etc, when I came around the corner and Ervynas has his face in this womans hair nuzzling her neck saying, "I'm like a cat, I'm like a cat!". She wasn't phased, but I think I was. They left and he says to me, "You see Cy, you can learn from me how to meet a girl, I've never seen the woman before in my life!" Whatever Ervynas.