10 hours in London, Heathrow Airport

Back at Cal Arts. Spending most of my day editing, but I thought if I'm ever gonna put this stuff up about Africa, I ought to do it now. I'll try and get one up ever couple of days till its done. May 7th, Heathrow Airport

Two girls roll plastic pink and green suitcases with eager eyes and open wrists – the only thing of interest for hours now. I’ve tried to calculate the daily profits from a coffee stand by counting orders received for the last fifteen minutes. They’re making a fortune. The currency change from Litas to British Pounds is mind blowing.

I tried to burn some time hanging around the magazine stand. A magazine about the chic of plastic surgery raised my eyebrows for the first time today, but in the end tired feet put me back on my laurels.

Pink and green. The girls just disappeared into the smoker’s area, open wrists and taunt spines. The surveillance camera was turning the wrong way to see them leave.