Day Two In Zolokere

Lot’s of introductions today. Met the sub-chief, some of the neighbors, the retired policeman, went way down the trail to the market, saw the drinking circles, butcher – slaughtered a goat that hung from a tree branch, used an ax to cut pieces off. Long walk back – dinner of pancakes, then talk by the kitchen. Here’s what I learned from the talk. Woman aren’t exactly property, but not far from it. Men select women for marriage. If they can afford it, they may buy her. Men are excited by the sight of a woman’s knees. She has to keep them covered in public.

About deadly animals. We spent the day walking on narrow trails walled by tall grass. Malawi has puff adders, spitting cobras, black mambas, and green mambas. There are some pretty big spiders, scorpions, crocodiles, killer bees, and hippos (which kill the most people).

We were all sitting around a candle talking tonight when Jake jumped up and yelled “fast one!” A big hunting spider was running across the ground. He smashing it after a couple tries. I looked for the carcass this morning, but the chickens had already eaten it.