Germany than Malawi

I fly out to Munich tomorrow for the Munich International Student Film Fest. I'm excited about it. It's a weeklong and there'll be filmmakers from all over the world to meet. I got an email a couple weeks ago with the itinerary and there'll be a tour of one of the big beer breweries. I love film and all that, but I'm really excited about the brewery. After the festival, I go to Malawi. Whenever I'm getting ready for these big trips, something crazy always happens right before I leave. Today the neighbor tried to bag my UPS delivery of videotape for the Malawi shoot. I got it back five or six hours later with the box shredded, the invoice gone and my address ripped off the box. He'd opened up one of the tape boxes inside too. Loco. Then I went out to pick up a rain jacket, cause it's Malawi's wet season right now, and on the way back, a hundred yards from home I felt my transmission depressurize and I could hear oil spraying out the bottom of the car. Its actually good luck in a weird way, I got everything done that I had to before it blew, then coasted it in right in front of the house.

So thanks for checking out the new site, I'm really happy with it. I'll update whenever possible from Munich and Malawi. All the posts following this one are transferred over from the Greyhorse Blog, check the dates above the posts so you don't get lost.