The Fitzgerald Project

Below is a no-budget video I shot for a reggae artist last February. I met him two years ago on my first trip to Malawi. He was walking around a cafe selling his cassette and I bought a couple as souvenirs. I ran back into him last November and now I'm his number one supporter. Malawians are generally very nice people but this guy is NICE, super warm guy. In exchange for the video, he's agreed to let me use his music for my documentary, which I'm really excited about. This video will also run on Malawian TV where no-budget is the standard. The videos aren't sleek, but they charm the hell out of me, like Spike Jonze doing Fatlip before it was postmodern. This one was shot in a day and a half with about 25 dollars. I rented the radio he's carrying to use as playback, so he's actually listening to the song on that player as he sings along. Fitzgerald's record rocks, so anybody who wants a copy, I'm selling them and sending the money back to Fitz so he can make his next record. He only needs about 300 dollars to do the whole recording. He writes a lot of songs about poverty, which he knows all about; this song is about a bird that's had its nest destroyed. Anybody interested can just drop me an email at, ten bucks plus shipping. The image here is a new CD cover I made for him from a picture taken the night of the video shoot.