Bush League: Notes for the paper cut

What a haul! I've been busting my butt for six weeks taking notes on all the footage, just finished the other day, in time for my R&R out of Baghdad. I want to have the whole thing on paper so I can do a proper paper edit. No more of my whimsical wanderings through unknown moments and shots, this time, for the first time, I made a map. Though, I didn't think it would be this big, 200 pages worth. I'm out next Wednesday for a week to Lithuania then back home for about ten days. Can't wait. I'm here now for almost four months. Its a time warp. The days of the week mean nothing. I obediently get up when my alarm goes of, scratch around for some clean clothes, then step out toward a near repeat of the previous day. The bright side or the regiment is that I don't fool around with my free time, there isn't much, so I squeeze every minute.