Bush League: Brother Gama

Our friend Epton Gama passed away last week. It happened so fast, I feel confused. When I left he was fine, but I guess he was HIV positive. I couldn't have shot my films without him. I couldn't have even eaten without him, or have lit a fire without him. He really took care of me in a place where I was otherwise helpless.

The first time I met him was at the end of the long trail through the grass to the village. He appeared out of nowhere, welcomed me with a hug and called me brother.

His body was probably sick long before I met him, but his spirit certainly was not. He was a kind, joyous person who could lift your burdens with one of his broad smiles. He was a man of great humor and simple wisdom and I'll remember him with gratitude.

My deepest sympathies to his friends and family in Malawi and in America. Though far away, his death is very deeply and very sadly felt.