Bush League: The Warm Heart, Mr. Muntale

Receiving a hand written letter from a friend in Malawi is a huge treat. From Mr. Muntale, a shop keeper and local chief in the Hewe valley: "Dear Cy Kuckenbaker

First and foremost, I would like to know your life. How are you treated there?

With me here and the family, I am doing fine.

Sir, I have thought it wise to write you a letter because since you left Malawi, no communications with Mkwinda (that's him). You have been here in Malawi, chatted with us, to me that was a very good thing.

I know traveling is money. For you to come to your friend Jake. It means you really love one another.

The next thing is that you have been with us here (in his shop), so I should apologize if in any way myself or other people have done anything bad to you.

Nothing more to prolong. May God allow us to communicate once more in letters or physically.

Your Loving Brother"

What an amazing way to write.