Drinking the Tigris: Obama on the Cover of the Rolling Stone

He's got to come to Iraq sooner or later? In the year I've been here, nobody has been as anticipated. In fact, nobody has been anticipated at all because we never know they're coming till they're here. My boss met Angelina Jolie when she came in. I was very jealous. He fitted her body armor for her, perhaps the most coveted roll any man could play in her arrival. When he got back to the office all he said for an hour was, "beautiful lips man, beautiful lips." I swear he got word she was coming in; normally he would never meet a flight. That was a surprise, but we know Obama has to come soon, so it's become a conversation here in the office. I can't wait. I feel like a good guy is finally going to ride into town. I've seen a few powerful people come and go around here, and I long for the day their ride comes to an end. None of them made me sicker than the fat Texas energy tycoon. He came lumbering off a small jet with a gaggle of staff behind him, and a giant gut in front of him. His tent sized suit was at least five grand. His Daddy is one of the biggest energy businessmen in Texas and a major Republican contributor. Not exactly a self made man. Few of them are.

I'm out of here next week for a break. Hope Obama doesn't come while I'm gone.