Drinking the Tigris: Old Glory II

http://www.flickr.com/photos/paintedland/2446656346/ I posted on this back in May, here's the latest from JR's Hughto's notes:

Last week I had the LAPD's Major Crimes Division: Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Section follow up with me about this. They stopped by and slipped a card under my door with a note saying "Please call [them] regarding an investigation." After I called, I found out I was the target of the investigation. They wanted to see my negatives, and while they agreed that nothing I had done was illegal, they did insist on coming over to my place before work to speak with me.

So, two agents came by and interviewed me for half an hour. They looked around my place, and I showed them the contact sheet - a roll with 4 pictures of the refinery, the others of innocuous things like my girlfriend and koreatown graf. After running out of nice ways to find out who I was, the agent filling out the forms asked, simply, "So, are you a Muslim?" I laughed out of shock and discomfort, and replied, "No."

They then stood, shook my hand, assured me again that I had done nothing illegal, and left. All told, they probably wasted a day and a half between the two of them on my case, when one well phrased google search could have led them here.