New Media Rights

Indentured, my ten-minute doc about labor abuse in Iraq, will premiere next week at the United Nations Association Film Festival. Yeah! But what I want to write about is not the film so much as the help I received to finish it – very important legal help.

San Diego, a city that is not famous for its art scene or progressive cultural movements does have some amazing things going on besides the tacos and weather (double rainbow!). One of those things is New Media Rights. For the media makers and filmmakers out there, bookmark their page because it’s an amazing resource. If you’re creating media, blogging, making video or you name it, sooner or later you’re going to have a legal question you'll need to address. This organization is working really hard to make sure you know your rights. It’s also worth mentioning the man behind the curtain is a really smart attorney not just an advocate.

So thank you New Media Rights for the guidance through what could have become a complete personal and professional disaster.

Very Sincerely,


New Media Rights