Grandma Cookie's Kodak Brownie

I'm trying to cool my jets on the Victor Bout deal but seeing how things work in Iraq would turn anyone into a zealot. I saw a clip today of a U.S. Gov official saying we "inadvertently used" Victor Bout's (the Russian arms dealer) aircraft to ship material into Iraq and Afghanistan. Bull. This is why the privatization of the military is such a problem; no one is responsible for anything. The company that did it just dissolves away and the agency that should be responsible just shrugs. Sorry if you're here checking Bush League out and getting this stuff about arms dealers and Iraq, it's because I worked there for 21 months after I shot Bush League to pay for post production. Yes, that's weird, I know. Desperate times.

Now that's off my chest, take a look at this: It's a Kodak Brownie No. 2, which was manufactured sometime between 1924 and 1933. It was my grandmother’s and it's amazing. This particular model took 120 film, the same film I shoot in my Pentacon Six, which means it's still completely usable. The sticker inside looks like it was added by the retailer in Texas (Grandma was a Texas girl) and is charming all by itself.

I saw some of my grandmothers many photos last week and she was really talented. I never thought of her as a photographer but she was.

She passed away last week, I loved her so much.