Feltron Virus

It's weird how the mind/body thing works. I got a cold yesterday and as it was bearing down I made the mistake of looking at the Feltron blog. His design work is so trick it sent my brain on the same journey my body was on. Inspiration sometimes feels like a sickness - damn you Feltron for making me want to learn code! The video is an in/out bump that I used processor to generate the lines for, so the work flow goes: processor - photoshop - final cut. I wanted to freshen up my little end bump at the end of videos, which is weird because I haven't made anything new to park this on. Maybe this is a first step. The picture below it is my mouse path(s) while I made it, which also kinda looks like a sickness. I'm going outside for the rest of the day! If you want to record your mousepath like this here's the ap: http://iographica.com/