Eye On the Ball: Transmedia

Between developments on Mozilla's Popcorn platform, location based storytelling and some new apps to build content rich ebooks - there's a lot happening in transmedia but the most interesting development of late is not on the creative/technological side but on the critical/exhibition side. Variety ran a story this week about the New York Film Society's move into this new creative space. From Variety: Film Society of Lincoln Center is expanding its transmedia programming with new initiatives and partnerships that will be part of the org's new-media-centric Convergence program....It's a form of storytelling that we feel needs a deeper critical dialogue," said Eugene Hernandez, FSLC's director of digital strategy. "It's very easy to focus on the technology, but as this type of storytelling matures, you need to develop a vocabulary for talking critically about it. That's where we feel we can contribute.

Here is a link to the Variety article and a few other sites I've been watching. It's developing very quickly:

Variety's article about the NY Film Society


Mozilla's Popcorn project

Mapping Main Street