PetaPixel just Viralized!

Wow, this is amazing. The PetaPixel blog just picked my airplane composite video up. 3000 views in under one hour - how exciting! So I'd like to use my 15 minutes seconds of fame to make an appeal to any new visitors who may land here. First - I hope you liked the airplane video and thanks very much for watching it. Second, if I could point you to just one other thing I've made it would be my doc film Bush League. My airplane video took a week to make and I'm proud of it but Bush League took four years to make and it was a true labor of love. Here's the trailer:

Bush League is a CC licensed feature documentary (72 min) that you can download and watch for free that I shot in Malawi, Africa. It's streaming on the Bush League film page and it's also streaming on Amazon. Save it for a rainy night - I promise you'll like it. I've been trying to get it out there into the world for quite some time now so any shares are deeply appreciated. My mission with this film has been to try and tell a deep story about Malawi that puts Malawians right up front. It's a very tough row to hoe when you're as small and as new as I am. Here's Variety's review.

My last little plug - if you're looking for a great film school to learn this stuff - I studied at SDSU and CalArts and I teach film at San Diego City College (RTVC 112 and 167) - I strongly recommend them all. I also teach still photography at Irvine Valley College in OC (dma/photo 51). I'll gladly teach you everything I know.

Thanks again for taking a look and I do hope you visit again,

All the best,