The San Diego Studies: Perseid Meteor Shower from Mount San Miguel


The Perseid Meteor shower will be peaking over the next few nights. I'm going to capture the event with a night (all night?) time-lapse shot from Mount San Miguel. If it comes together I'll use it as a background for one of the videos in the San Diego Studies series.

In short, I'll be spending the night shifting awkwardly in a beach chair pondering the nocturnal habits of mountain lions. If you're busy watching Breaking Bad, feel free to check in with me via twitter for ascetic insights and the local sky report from the great heights of Mount San Miguel.


For the gear heads, my equipment includes: Canon 7D (Av, f2.8, no bracket, RAW) (Turn auto focus and lens stabilization off and tape the eye piece if you're not using Live View) Phottix intervalometer (15 second interval with a 13 second delay)

(Here's a trick: Spin the base plate 180 degrees and mount your camera backwards. That gets the tripod handle away from your body so you won't bump it in the dark and more importantly lets you drop and replace the battery without moving/removing the camera.)