Shout Out to New Media Rights

It's been a very exciting couple of days. It's rewarding to have my work noticed and shared on all these great sites, by commenters and by facebook friends new and old.

While the traffic is still high I'd like to make a shout out on behalf of a friend. Without a small non-profit called New Media Rights that's based here in San Diego there's no way I'd be able to complete my projects. NMR has become a really critical player in our online ecosystem by ensuring that small players like myself have access to legal advice and support that is otherwise out of reach.

Please check their website out. Follow them on twitter or facebook. They do great Youtube legal guides so you can follow them there as well. If you've got a little more, make a tax deductible holiday donation. It took me five minutes to give a couple hundred dollars to NMR earlier this month. I gave because they've helped me tremendously but also because I think they're doing very important work for all of us.

A great example of the work they're doing took place earlier this year when Lionsgate took Johnathan Mcintosh's ( remix video down without warning or regard for Johnathan's careful adherence to Fair Use. NMR got involved and Johnathan's amazing work is back up where it should be. We have to have players like NMR in the system to keep this thing healthy, to let creators create and keep the internet open.