Sawdust City at Los Angeles Film Festival

Sawdust City, the first feature by my old CalArts classmate David Nordstrom will be screening next month at the Los Angeles Film Festival. A big congratulations to Dave N. and everyone who worked on the film - it's very good and I wish them great success.

Dave just launched a Kickstarter project this week to get the film in good shape for the start of it's public life.

From Dave:

The slightly less good news is that we need a final push to get us over the hill to where we need to be. Thanks to the increasing quality of affordable equipment, our own hard-won no-budget filmmaking, and your own inestimable help, we've managed to craft a great little film.  However, it's going up on big screens, on big systems, alongside bigger films and we need to look and sound our best. Let's give this man and his film a Kickstart cause filmmaking is just too damn hard to do alone.


My innovation for movie posters is to cut tear-off tabs on the sides with a URL to get the screening times. It kind of worked in Vancouver except that they were all covered over with other posters in less than 24 hours. As far as marketing goes, I think my only real shot is to make good films and just tell the truth. Posters are still fun though.