New Beginning So this morning Martynas and Romas came over. I gave them a lame little task to improvise just to see what they would do. I told Martynas he was in a hurry to go buy some flowers for a party later. Romas was also going, but his leg was bothering him. We did that and it wasn't bad. They were both indicating a lot, but not bad for something super loose and fast. Before we got home I asked Dave to start stealing shots of them when they weren't acting, so he followed us inside still rolling, then the three of us had a normal conversation about my Russian camera and drank some tea. After that we watched some of the tape and talked about it. Dave played the natural/real stuff and we tried to explain what we're going for, just completely natural style, understated. Then they did another improvisation, a conversation about some specifics I gave them, and that was great. They got it.

They're coming back over tomorrow to talk about scheduling. They seem really excited. When I told them we wanted to take them to Berlin, I'm not sure how to read their reactions, but I think they're excited. More tomorrow.