Hill O'Crosses

The hill of crosses started something like a hundred and twenty years ago (don't quote me) when people started putting crosses up to honor loved ones deported by the czar. Under the soviets it continued even though they bulldozed it with regularity. Its an unusual place. A little hill completely covered in crosses. We start shooting there tomorrow. Dave and I sat down today and hammered out the frame for the story, it starts serious and moves toward irreverence. The guys are going to visit the grave of a dead friend. They carry his picture with them along on the journey with the intension of placing on his grave. They get lost in Berlin, never find the cemetery, sight see, and meet a belly dancer. I won't tell you the end though, you'll have to wait for that.

Today was good. We want to use wireless mics so we can shoot the guys from long distances and still get dialog, and it looks like we may have actually found them. On top of that, we found and XLR cable AND and S video cable. Very boring, very important things. Last night we went sleding on this crazy little hill so iced up you can just sit on the ground and slide down it. I bombed the first run on a plastic sled and almost broke the sound barrier and my back. Took a tough shot at the bottom but had a great laugh. Love sledding.

We have a reservation for the Thursday night train to Warsaw. Stay tuned.