Nearing Berlin Almost to Berlin now - another hour on the train yet to go. Last night we left Vilnius around 9pm - we had some shots to get in the station, but security came running out and interrupted. Ridiculous - there was talk about terrorism and Dave and two old men, come on. These guys took themselves way too seriously and were ready to get physical. Dave and I played dumb while Romas and Ervinas argued with them, we couldn't shoot anymore but otherwise got off the hook. The rest of the time we were there Ervinas and Romas spent making fun of the two guards. At one point Romas had his retirement identification out telling the guy he had important political friends. These guys love to b.s. I was afraid they would try and take the tape or the camera, or both.

Once we got going, went pretty well. Before we left Vilnius we went across the way to a grocery store to steal some shots of Ervinas buying beer. Local drunks and security again interrupted, but Dave got some nice shots none the less.

The scenes on the train look nice and went pretty well - still lots of concerns with Ervinas' indicated acting, drives me nuts.

Got a few hours of sleep after a dinner of crackers, cheese, mineral water, and a great big smoked herring that Ervinas brought. Had a good laugh at the fishes expense. Dave was not seduced by the fishes rich natural perfume. The guys used a sock to clean the oil of their hands and mouths, more laughs.

Warsaw Main is a pretty big station. We got our tickets at around 6am then looked around for a shot. There's a strange waiting room with people sleeping all over the place. We shot for four or five minutes before the cops showed up again. The Polish cops were much nicer. Down by the tracks another good shot, Ervinas again pulled some crap, when he hits he hits big, but when he's playing for the camera its terrible.

Made some discoveries last night. Romas is a healer. He does that energy field thing where he passes his hands over an injury. He tried it on my back - no difference, but it'll make a very interesting scene for the film. We also discovered the ages of the guys last night, but born in 39'. Dave and I were shocked. Americans the same age look so much younger. Wasn't an easy life for them. We also found out last night that both guys were orphans. I'm curious about Ervinas - he's got a tattoo on his wrist - not all that common for a guy from his place and time, may mean he did some prison time. Berlin in half an hour.