Day One

Here are some words from day one. Today went well, i feel like we got what we planned for and got what we needed. Up and early to remind martznas and romas to wear good shoes bring xtra socks-shots in deep snow.

930, met with sound guy out on the street to deliver wireless lavs, like a drug deal out of a Mercedes, plastic bags and envelope with cash exchange. Next hour testing mics with actors. (reminder: have to buy duck tape)

left late, two hours plus to drive. haul ass through crappy weather, neither dave nor i ate breakfast, arrive at hill of crosses at 145. Set up for opening shot tough with out tripod (1st shot of film always tough?). Martynas keeps doing bad theater stuff (indicating everything when just walking will do) Got his hands to stop talking and the main body of the scene looked great. Romes acting is on point.

Dave and i were extra cold w no food to burn, but our brains lasted long enough to get some shots - though still worried about martynas indicating. shot till dark. guys are tough, no complaints though it was less than freezing.

martynas told me jokes all through dinner, some good some terrible. all and all a good thing though it wastes me mentally, jokes in Lithuanian waste me mentally, takes way too much concentration to get it.

back out to snow for pick up and some transition shots. regret letting martynas off the hook for some of the indicating. 120am now, dizzy tired, tomorrow promises to be less taxing in terms of temperature, but still full of unknown and interest.