End of Week One, Shooting the Bush League

Been in Zolokere for one week. Shot much more than expected. Origional plan was to take some time to survey things, but its all happening fast. Following the local soccer team and trying to tell the story of HIV through the players lives. From afar didn't have a concrete approach, being here seems like a no brianer, though its still tough going. Rainy season is ratcheting up daily. The afternoon sky is a showcase of dramatic cloud formations.

Yesterday evening, driving across valley floor, dusk light, a figure came out of the bushes and laid on the dirt road in front of us. Thought it was a teenage boy pranking us. A second figure came out and dragged the first off the path, as we roll by I could see it was a woman. The second figure called out. It was a sick woman trying to kill herself she explained. The whole thing went down in a strangely everyday way. My admiration for the natural surroundings feel frivolous.

Today in the medium size town called Mzuzu, two hours out of village. Charging batteries, then back in tomorrow or tonight.