Found: Ancient British Pregnancy Magazine Serving Villager for 15 Years

Declared war on the night time insects that cruise through the giant openings into Jakes little mud brick house in the village. So far have taken out at least five wasps, a giant millipede thing, the biggest cricket like creature I've ever seen, a scorpion, a bunch of beatles and some beefy roaches. Guess with the rainy season hitting top speed, all the bugs are shagging like mad. But getting used to it. At the dinner table last week smashed a roach with my glass and continued eating with an appetite. Its getting normal. Shooting is going well. Have a few priceless moments on tape already. Talking with a newly wed man about sex (background for the HIV angle) he told me masturbation is, "a good system" and a couple days later brought over a magazine from 1983 written for pregnant woman. Yes, he's been using it to his own ends since he was 15. Men are all the same!

Dust and dirt only real issues since it might kill the camera. Otherwise, steady as she goes. Back to the village tomorrow morning.