Whisky and Coke Christmas

Was hit by some kind of funk on the 23rd. Got a pretty good fever going and had the weird sick dreams that always follow suit. Seems like the standard issue stuff, but its no fun at all. The bathroom is a key shaped hole in a concrete lid over a hole in the ground. At night, its pretty heavy, big insects hanging around. By Christmas morning thought I'd bounced back, so Jake and I got into a bottle of Knob Creek I brought for the holiday. Probably a little too early though since even now I'm still a little weak. All the same, happy with things and having a lot of fun. I've got around 20 hours of footage so far, some I know is good and what makes me happy is that a lot of it is pretty funny. The problems here are truely heavy, so I'm glad to be getting the lighter sides of life as well.

I'm continually impressed by the people here. They're strong as hell. Chatwa is the team captian. The night before one of the games, he slept under a tree in the dirt while it was raining then got up, farmed a little bit, ate a big chunk of boiled corn mash then led the team against the local rivel. He's about six inches shorter than me, but seems much larger.

Got some good news today, the Orphans will screen at the Pompidou Modern Art Museum in Paris. So damn amazing. Also sounds like the premier in Lithuania went really well. Both the actors spoke and I guess they were happy about it all.

Hope everybody has a great new year, back to the village tonight after another repair to Jake's truck.