Welcome back

Hi everyone, welcome back to cysfilm. It’s alive! Kind of! I took a big break from the blog to finish editing Bush League and to think about how I can be better at all of this. To start with, I wanted to redesign the site so it looked a little more professional but also so it could support more. Many thanks to my fellow CalArtian Stephanie Chen for the clean new design and to Jay Tillery who is programming it.

The site should be finished in the coming weeks so please come back soon for updates on Bush League and Indentured, which both premiere this October. Beyond that, I’m going to try and be a better blogger by being more concise and reaching out to interview other filmmakers and tell stories other than my own. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact me if there is something you’d like more or less of. I realize my name is on the front door but I’d like everyone to feel at home here.

Thanks again, Cy