Marketing: A Totally Serious Film About Malawi

Let’s see, how can I explain this? Bush League is a totally serious film about Malawi but that doesn’t mean much to a lot of people and I understand why - it looks like a niche film. If you’re already passionate about Africa or soccer than you’re probably already game but how can I appeal to everyone else?

Since I’ve been relentlessly flogging those dearest to me with heavy subject matter for years now, I saw this problem of appeal as a chance to lighten up for a moment. So I started my first ad campaign as far away from the seriousness and integrity of Bush League as I could. In short – I’m ripping off old movies that share nothing in common with my work and co-opting the imagery toward my own ham fisted ends.

Here’s the first one. I hope to make a few more. The ad is totally ridiculous but Bush League will remain a totally serious film about Malawi that I hope you’ll watch. Enjoy: