From UNAFF: Indentured Premiere

It really shocks me every time an audience sees a film I made but I guess I'm extra shocked about Indentured since it's so unconventional. It makes me feel really optimistic actually because as films go, Indentured asks a lot from the audience. There are long passages of text, and no sound/picture effects for fun or any moments of levity. So when people respond to it, it's kind of proof to me that people are smart and that there are audiences with appetites for the tough stuff.

Hopefully, the film will clear the legal obstacles that remain and I can either put it on the web myself or try and get the story picked up by a media organization. UNAFF was really a great place for it to start. Thanks UNAFF, really.

If you saw the film or are interested in the subject matter please join the INDENTURED group on facebook.

If you're a filmmaker, blogger or citizen journalist dealing with a legal question and you're unfunded here are two amazing resources you should know about:

Online Media Legal Network

New Media Rights (In San Diego)