From UNAFF: Water Themes

It's a rainy day in Palo Alto, CA. The United Nations Association Film Festival has a really nice, intimate atmosphere. I met a filmmaker tonight named Anjoo Khosla who made a short doc film called Wahid's Mobile Bookstore, the URL is pasted below (10min). It's about a charming little boy in India who reminds me for some reason of the boy in The 400 Blows - hmm. I guess it's because they're both charming self-sufficient kids.

It looks like Iraq is back in the news with the release of all those docs from Wikileaks. It's good timing for Indentured to come out - I really hope it finds its place in the larger dialog about Iraq.

The rain, new surroundings and film festivities have got me slipping in and out of imaginary film scenes. I ate dinner in an empty sushi place on an empty rainy street and swore I was in a Wong Kar Wai movie for a second.

Indentured screens tomorrow night at 920pm at the Aquarius Theatre in Palo Alto, CA.

The INDENTURED group on facebook.

Watch Wahid's Mobile Bookstore here: